“More Than Ever” Education Fund

About the Fund
The “More Than Ever” Education Fund was created as a legacy by Gregory Maire and Michael Horvich to provide scholarships and education support to youth confronting homelessness. Through this fund, scholarships are provided to students ages 18-24 that are enrolled full time at a Chicago college or university. La Casa Norte is excited to be able to provide our youth with an opportunity to further their education goals and create a better future for themselves.

About the Luncheon
On May 3, 2018, La Casa Norte hosted its 3rd Annual “More Than Ever” Education Luncheon in support of the establishment of the “More Than Ever” Education Fund. The Luncheon was attended by over 150 guests and celebrated the achievements and promise of the scholarship students. Thanks to the generous support of our luncheon guests, we are able to continue raising awareness and create opportunities for youth to continue on a path of educational success. Through the Luncheon, we were able to raise over $44,000!

Join us for the 4th Annual “More Than Ever” Education Luncheon on May 15th at the Hilton Orrington, Evanston as we celebrate and recognize the cohort’s 2018 accomplishments!

The documentary Alzheimer’s: A Love Story, which features Fund co-creators Gregory Maire and Michael Horvich was also unveiled at the Luncheon. The film has been featured in 60+ film festivals and won 30+ awards. The trailer and documentary are now available on YouTube.

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2018 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to La Casa Norte’s “More Than Ever” Education Fund Scholarship recipients! We are proud of your accomplishments and celebrate your continued educational success! Meet this year’s recipients below.


About our Youth In College Program

Education is key to the success of all youth. Unfortunately, dropout rates are extremely high, particularly for homeless youth. In a survey conducted by the Chicago DFSS, less than 15% of unstably housed youth complete high school or college. 38% had not eaten for a whole day due to lack of food. 32% of females and 27% of males were victims of domestic violence.

La Casa Norte’s Youth In College Program focuses on youth ages 18-24 years old who are exiting transitional housing programs and are participating in a college/higher education program. The “More Than Ever” Education Fund is a resource for financial support and scholarships to the students.

The program, piloted in 2014, began with 6 students and expanded to support 25 by the end of the 2018 school year. Students work with their own case manager who support them through the difficult transition of college. Our goal is to support youth and to be a catalyst of change.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Fund, please contact us at or 773-276-4900.

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